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Why I deployed private cloud at my home and How?

For long I have been thinking to deploy private cloud at my home.
This was due to fact that as part of my day to day job I comes across some “interesting”
issues to troubleshoot and fix.
Due to the fact that we can not do modifications and changes on trial and error bases on production boxes,
We always require to check things out in sandbox before proceeding on production.
Also having sandbox helps sharpen your skills and practising the technology/skills you want to develop.
I am already having pxe tftp, kvm and NAS storage at my place.
Which I have been using to generate different kind of scenarios in virtual environment.

Since long I wanted to convert the KVM only virtualization to private cloud for two reasons.
It will give me my own private cloud and deploying a scenario even in a vm takes time like installing os and cloing the parameters.
While in cloud once you launch the instnce you don’t have to worry about installing os as it gives you that on the fly ready to roll.

I will do doing follow up posts on how my home network is setup and how I achieved private cloud computing at home.