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OpenStack private cloud deployment – Part 1 Setting up network

For the private cloud there are plenty of open source solutions available.
How ever for my setup I used Open Stack Ice house version.

As you can see in the diagram I am having

Home Network Setup
  • Openfiler NAS storage box which also servers DNS, DHCP and PXE in my network.
  • CentOS 6.2 KVM hypervisor which I have been using so far to install sandobx VMs.
  • Home Workstation PC which runs Fedora 20.

OpenStack has vast amount of configurations and can be done with different variations to suite your need.
Ideally it is advisable to deploy the OpenStack with minimum 3 nodes.

  • Controller :- As name suggest this is the controller node which runs most of the control services.
  • Network   :- As name suggest this is the network node which handles virtual networking.
  • Compute  :- This is the hypervisor node which runs your VMs.

However due to lack of resource in my home network I decided to use OpenStack legacy networking.
Which only requires Controller and Compute nodes

I converted the Fedora 20 workstation into controller node and KVM hypervisor to compute node

I will be doing follow-up posts on the configurations and setup.

I have completed the series on Pythian official website. You can find it here.