Rohan Bhagat

Who am I?
Seasoned, hardworking and detail oriented software professional with 18 years of experience. I have worked with both aggressive bootstrapping startups and hyper-scale internet companies. I seek to apply this nuanced problem- solving expertise where I match cutting edge tech to problems of large-scale distributed systems. Core Qualifications Excellent knowledge of scripting. Good analytical, written and oral communication skills. Deep knowledge of devops culture, agile methodology and excellent system administration background with proven track record. Proficient with scalable database and data warehousing tools. Solid understanding of scalable environment and environment segregation. Excellent knowledge of azure, aws and kubernetes in cloud environments.


Kubernetes, containers, Argo-CD, AWS, EKS, EC2, S3, ELB, AWS ALB, ASG, API GW, Lambda, CloudWatch,CloudFormation, SNS, SES, SQS, SonarQube, Azure, AKS, VMSS, FaaS, cluster autoscaler, jenkins-operator, external secrets operator, external dns operator, gitlab, github, cassandra, mysql, mariadb, OpenStack, ETL, Chef, puppet, ansible, terraform, terragrunt, ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) Stack, Redhat Cluster, Veritas Cluster Suite (VCS), Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM), BigIP-F5, SELinux. NFS, BIND, DNS, DNS blacklist, DNS Blackholes, Samba, postfix, Sendmail, dovecot, NTP, DHCP, IPTABLES, OpenSSL, FTP, kerberos, jboss, tomcat,NIS, OpenSSH, GnuPG, LDAP, LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, php/Perl/Python), nginx, IIS multipath, socks server, squid proxy, VPN, PXE, Nmap, wireshark, Snort, Nessus, aide Intrusion Detection and Recovery, Subversion (SVN),git, yum, dnf, apt-get, satellite server, rpm, dpkg, Nagios, Cacti, MRTG, bandwidthd, Grafana,DataDog, splunk, loki, vmware, exsi, kvm, virtualbox, citrix xen, LVM, SAN, Jenkins, selenium, maven, vagrant, docker,IoT (Internet of Things)

Roles and Responsibilities

• Established as lead for the kubernetes infrastructure within the organization.
• Architect, build, deploy, and operate core infrastructure on kubernetes
• Design and develop software, tools, and concepts for automation and deployments in the cloud and container orchestration.
• Defining guidelines, process workflow and solutions to ensure business and engineering are aligned with organization’s future architecture vision.
• Cost optimization for infrastructure and optimization of workflows.
• Creating architecture documentation
• Improving process and workflow and ensuring automation is implemented using CI/CD tools at disposal
• Build resilient and scalable solutions by applying and adopting cloud APIs and Open Source
tools, as well as enhancing them as needed
• Translating business and technical requirements into architecture decision, with proposing
possible blueprints to ensure minimal disruptions in BAU and achieving architecture objectives.
• Promote testing, security, monitoring, logging, and continuous delivery/deployment as essential parts of software development practices
• Ensuring architecture solution to modernize existing legacy system to migrate into micro service architectures.
• Collaborating closely with product owners and product managers to ensure robust architecture is defined and is aligned with future goals for the departments and organization.
• Reviewing existing architecture periodically and proposing improvements as per new and
upcoming industry standards.


AWS automation with terraform
• Designing and building IaC pipeline to automate and build AWS infrastructure with terraform.
• Using multiple tools at disposable to enhance the deployment process, including but not limited to terragrunt, Cloud Formation, terraform etc.

Cost Optimization of Kubernetes resource
• Using cost analyzer and karpenter to optimize the cost

Helm Chart for Jenkins
• We are operating jenkins-operator on our kubernetes clusters.
• Dev Teams were struggling to configure their jenkins to deploy on kubernetes.
• Created helm chart to standardize the deployment of jenkins, and make it easier for Dev Teams to maintain and operate their jenkins.

EKS Upgrade automation
• Created tools and pipelines to automate manual EKS upgrade
• This helped avoiding human errors, frequent timeouts and time consuming upgrade process.
• And reduced the eks upgrade time to 1/3 with this

Argo-CD for kubernetes
• To deploy and maintain workloads on kubernetes easier way

Datadog monitoring and logging
• Configuring datadog to collect logs and metrics from kubernetes, SaaS services, workloads running on various platforms.
• Collaborating with development teams for the migration.

EKS creation with IaaC
• Implemented IaaC with terraform and pipeline to create and tear down EKS clusters.
• This helped cluster maintainer and deployment easier organization wide.

Bitwarden password solution
• Bitwarden password solution to easily share credentials between teams in self hosted environment

Kubernetes Dynamic Admission Controller
• Kubernetes admission controllers are plugins that govern and enforce how the cluster is used.
They can be thought of as a gatekeeper that intercepts (authenticated) API requests and may
change the request object or deny the request altogether.

AKS deployment with autoscaling and nodepools separation with terraform.
• Terraform azurerm provider to spin up new aks in easy and fast solutions, leveraging
features offered by Azure in AKS like autoscaling and nodepools for separation of workloads

Log visualisation with Loki and Grafana on k8s
• Centralized log visualisation with Loki and Grafana for ease of access to the engineering team.
Faster issue debugging with monitoring and log on the same dashbords.

Cassandra on kubernets
• Cassandra statefulsets on AKS with premium storage for better scalability and resiliency.

Cassandra big data cluster
• Cassandra big data cluster to store large datasets and multi dimension data, to be consumed by various Machine Learning Algorithms and train on the data sets for AI (Artificial Intelligence) inputs.

AKS creation with IaaC
• Azure AKS and CI/CD using azure devops to deploy kubernetes cluster.

On Perm kubernetes cluster
• Deployment of kubernetes cluster on premise.
• Automated using gitlab CI/CD
• Integration of CD with gitlab on kubernetes
• Moving away from traditional vm based architecture to microservice and automated end to end pipeline with available tools.

Containerization and microservices deployments
• Containerization and microservices architecture deployments using docker.
• Managing and administering docker environment.

Centralized authentication with Red Hat Directory Server for Linux systems
• Centralized user management with RedHat directory server.

Gitlab and CI/CD
• Deployed Gitlab for code versioning and gitlab runners for CI/CD to automate deployments, configuration management and automation

Hadoop Bigdata Cluster
• Bigdata analysis and hadoop administration

OpenStack private cloud
• Deployed OpenStack based private cloud as proof of concept.

ELK(Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) Stack
• Deployment and configuration of ELK(Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) Stack for log visualization and analysis.

V2C Virtual to cloud migration
• Migration project to convert various virtual appliances to cloud.
• Moved virtual server farms to cloud platform.

Architecture of Datacenter
• Architecture and designing of datacenter.
• Disaster recovery and business continuity plans conceptualized.
• Created SOPs for DR.

Ansible for configuration management
• Deployed ansible for configuration management across various environments.
• Administering and writing playbooks to automate using ansible.

Data center migration
• Planning and migration of data center servers from CoLo to dedicated DC.
• Migration of servers and VMs from BareMatel to VM and cloud.

Docker containers and microservices
• Deployment of docker containers.
• Configuration and administration of microservices architecture.

FreeRADIUS PPPoE QoS management
• Deployed FreeRADIUS PPPoE QoS management

Implementation of intrusion detection system
• Implemented Nessus for Intrusion detection and data prevention.
• Review and identified mitigation using NESSUS log reporting.
• Implemented AIDE for PoC intrusion detection system.

LAMP Stack
• Deployment of LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stack.
• Administration of LAMP servers.

MRTG monitoring solution
• Deployed MRTG graphing solution for data visualization and bandwidth monitoring.

Nagios monitoring and alert
• Deployed Nagios monitoring and alerting solution.

Puppet configuration management
• Puppet configuration management to make it easier to manage hosts/servers in the environment.

Chef configuration management
• Chef configuration management to manage large server farms and data centers